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Meet the CEO

Conrad Rose is a one-woman owned small business built from the ground up on the Founders passion for craft, design, entrepreneurship and desire to create a life she loves. 

Erin Lieteau, Founder and CEO of Conrad Rose, realtor, artist and self-proclaimed go getter, enjoys the freedom of creativity and ability to inspire others to find ways to make them happy and express themselves. When Erin is not making and burning candles, she enjoys browsing online or stores for inspiration, helping her clients find their dream home, lounging around and spending quality time with her loved ones.

How It Began

The inspiration to start a candle company began in 2015 when Erin lost her grandfather, Conrad.  Soon after his passing, she noticed a beautiful tea cup candle that she purchased as a gift for her mom, hoping to uplift her spirits.  While gifting the candle to her mom, she shared a story with Erin about the tradition of lighting a candle after someone passes away, commemorating their life after they have transitioned.   

As time went on, Erin’s love for candles grew but that growing love started to bring about health issues in her household such as severe allergies, asthma, and other upper respiratory concerns.  This unfortunately resulted in Erin not being able to burn candles in her home anymore. 

In 2018, that undying love for candles was still there as Erin was continuing to purchase candles over the years, however she could not light them. That is when she decided to create her own soy candle line. 

Despite Erin’s hustling as a fairly new realtor and working a full-time job, she knew it would be a lot to handle but was not discouraged.  Her tenacity and desire to create something that would promote a healthier lifestyle pushed her to put those thoughts into action.  She used this time to do extensive research on the process of candle making and how to effectively produce high quality fragrances.

Within a few weeks of launching in February 2019, Erin received invitations to participate in several events in the city to showcase her candles and received amazing reviews.  Today, Conrad Rose offers a wide variety of high quality scents that will instantly have you saying, “OMG, this smells so good!” 

Based in New Orleans, La, Erin operates Conrad Rose out of a home-based studio, slowly hand-pouring each candle in small batches to ensure consistent fragrance throughout.  

The Process

Erin takes her time researching ideas and testing fragrances that are in high demand. While researching, a variety of scents are produced, tested, then narrowed down to the final fragrance. Each candle is left to cure for several days before they are test burned for performance. All materials and oils are sourced from suppliers who share the same passion for quality and environmentally friendly products as Erin does. 100% soy wax is used with fragrance oils that are phthalate free, pure essential oils and wicks that are zinc and lead free.After each candle passes the test burn, they are hand-poured, packaged and ready to have your home smelling amazing.